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Quality and reliability

With its long experience in the field of static relays (more than 700.000 units in operation throughout the world), CEE still provides these relays for ease of replacement in upgrade and re-fit projects as well as for new installations.

All the protection relays of the static tange are supplied in modular case R type.


  Device ANSI Description
DTM 7033 87G, 87M Machine Differential Protection relay
DTT 7031 87T Transformer Differential Protection
FTT 7111 24 Overfluxing relay
GTM 7111 78 Synchronous motor out-of-step protection relay
HDG 7020 81<, 81> Under and Over Frequency relay
IAG 7000 87 High impedance differential protection
ITD7000 67, 67N Phase and earth directional overcurrent relay
ITF 113
ITF 114
ITF 115
64 Zero sequence detectors for low voltage networks
ITG 7000 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 37 (only ITG7118) Phase and Earth Overcurrent and Undercurrent relay
ITH 7111
ITG 7011
ITG 7111
64 Sensitive zero sequence relays supplied from ring CT
ITI 7521 46 Alternator negative sequence protective relay
ITV 7x66 51V Voltage restrained overcurrent relay
PTG 7000 32, 37 Over and under power protection
STEP 7000 26 Temperature supervision relay
STS 7041 25 Check synchronizing relay
TTB 7000 27DC, 59DC Measuring relay for DC applications
TTE 7000 64R Rotor earth fault relay
TTG 7000 27, 59, 59N Undervoltage and overvoltage relays
TTGB 7031 60 Voltage balance relay
WTG 7000 32P, 37P, 32Q, 37Q Active or reactive power relay
YTM 7111 40 Loss of field relay