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AP 900   RANGE   -   Arc   Flash   Protection

Complete Range of Arc Flash Detectors & Sensors

The AP900 Series offers a complete solution to arc flash protection.
The AP900 is designed utilising the most modern technology with a
focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. It
is built to meet the growing demands of both LV and MV switchgear
and controlgear applications ranging from basic stand-alone to more
complex system solutions.
This range is designed for the protection of all types of Industrial,
Railway, Generation and Distribution networks.

AP900 series provides choice of different types of arc sensors to be utilised in different units and different switchgear
types according to specific application requirements.
Available sensor types are arc light point sensors and arc light fibre optic loop sensors.
Arc light point sensors are typically installed in metal clad compartments providing quick accurate location of the
faulted area.
Arc light fibre loop sensors are installed typically to cover a wider protected area with one fibre when there is no
need to accurately locate a fault.

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