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Devices for automation logics and measurement

Below the list of CEE devices designed to provide automation, communication interface and measuring functions.

  Device Series ANSI Description
AMS 7001 PROCOM 34, 27, 59 + Voltage measurement Automation device for automatic change-over system
AMS 7002 PROCOM 34 + I, V, P, S, Q, cosFI and energy measurements Measurement and automation device
BAI 7001 PROCOM   Amplification and interface device for PROCOM communication networks
CMS 7003
CMS 7004
PROCOM Meaurements of I, V, P, S, Q, cosFI, energy, harmonics, etc... Measurement device
NP BC915 NP 900 60, 74TC, 25, 79 Bay Control IED with IEC 61850 protocol
NP P915 NP 900 60 Class 0.2 Power Monitoring IED with IEC 61850 protocol
NP E915 NP 900 Fault location / indication :
50N, 67N, 67NT, 50, 67, 21FL, 27, 59N
Energy Managment IED with IEC 61850 protocol
NP S914 NP 900   Alarming and Indication IED with IEC 61850 protocol
NP TA915 NP 900 87N, 49T, 50/51, 50N/51N, 50H/51H/68H, 46R/46L/46, 59, 27, 59N, 59P/27P/47, 24, 49L, 50BF/52BF, 60, 74TC, 90 Voltage Regulating and back-up protection IED with IEC 61850 protocol