Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network


CEE Italiana S.r.l. can help you in the choice of protection relays that best fit your environment.
Our highly professional team of engineers from our Application Service will provide their help not only in choosing the relays, but also in setting and commissioning them.


Whether engineering consultants, equipment builders, installers or end users, our engineers can provide you the entire range of services needed for complete studies before choosing the
protections for your network.

By way of example, but not limited to, we can offer you the following studies:

  • Electrical balance
  • Load flow and Voltage-drop analysis
  • Motor starting
  • Protection coordination / selectivity
  • Harmonic analysis and verification of passive harmonic filters
  • Transient stability
  • Arc Flash


CEE has a team of engineers and technicians dedicated to integration and design of racks and cabinets for protection and control systems.

Protection relays and various elements for local control are assemblied to build modular racks and cubicles.
Many remote control elements can be added:

  • RTU (Remote Terminal Units)
  • GPS Clocks
  • Event Recorders)
  • Data Fault Recorders (DFR)
  • Communication modules and industrial switches
  • Mimic Diagrams
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Panel PC with LCU (Local Control Unit) functions

service   on-site

A team of engineers and technicians is trained to deal with electrical and chemical risks, ready to assume commissioning and maintenance on site in Italy and abroad.

Usual works involved:

  • Commissioning of protection relays:
    – Tests with automatic test equipment
    – Control of electrical connections
    – Control of tripping circuits
    – Assistance at start up of installations
  • Maintenance of protection relays
  • Commissioning and maintenance of PLCs
  • Configuration, commissioning and maintenance of supervision systems
  • Wiring modifications
  • Expert evaluation of installations

Service reports and test results are provided for all these actions.


We can offer you a large choice of training courses in the field of electrical protection.
These courses are available in our training centre in Concorezzo (MB) or on-site in Italy and abroad.

Generally, our training courses concern:

  • Protective relays, where the objectives are to know how to set and test protective relays (for example relays in the NP 800 series).
  • Protection in general, where the objectives are to master the main elements in designing a plan of industrial network protection and to know how to define and coordinate the types and regulations concerning protective relays.
  • Other type of training courses are also provided such as use of PTW power system analysis software.
Your training in English or in French according to your needs.