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Auxiliary bistable relays with electrical reset

For CEE brand, RADE auxiliary relays are the family of control and signalling with electrical reset (latching relay).

This family of latching relays is with draw-out relay and base mounting arrangement. This relays use two coils, each fitted with a series cut-off contact. The relay is held in either of the two stable positions by means of a permanent magnet.
The flux generated by the permanent magnet closes through the leg which is in contact with the armature. To switch the relay to the other position, the coil corresponding to the leg in contact with the armature is energised. The coil generates a flux in opposition with the flux created by the permanent magnet, causing the armature to be rejected into the other stable position, where it is now held by the flux of the permanent magnet.
The use of a permanent magnet to hold the relay in either of the two stable positions is an effective solution against intermediate positions or bounce, giving great security and a long, safe service life, with zero burden except during switching.
An indicator, showing the position of the armature, can also be used for manual switching of the relay.

This relays may have an important number of output contacts:

  • RADE 2030: 3 change-over contacts
  • RADE 3080: 8 change-over contacts
  • RADE 4160: 16 change-over contacts


  • Interlock relay [3]
  • Alarm relay [74]
  • Lockout relay [86]


  • Rated voltages: 24, 48, 110, 125, 220 Vdc/Vac (50 / 60 Hz)
  • Pick-up time: <20 msec


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