Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

NP   T916

Feeder protection IED with IEC 61850 protocol

The optimal management of electrical power systems is based in particular on the reliability, availability and communication skills of protection, measurement and automation devices.
NPT916 is a transformer protection IED with sophisticated and easy to use differential protection function. The NPT916 transformer protection IED provides for both low and high side overcurrent, earth-fault, negative sequence and two independent restricted earth-fault instances. The NPT916 can be applied for generator and motor differential protection as well.
The NPT916 communicates using various protocols including IEC 61850 substation communication standard.


  Hardware (standard)
  • Large graphic display with customizable mimic
  • Push buttons for local control of the up to 5 objects
  • 16 freely configurable leds
  • 10 current inputs
  • 5+1 output units (standard)
  • 3 digital inputs (standard)
  • 1 Front Ethernet port, 1 rear Ethernet port, 1 rear RS485 port
  Protection Functions
  • 2 winding transformer differential [87T]
  • ow impedance restricted earth fault / cable end differential [87N]
  • Transformer thermal overload [49T]
  • Three-phase overcurrent, 4 stages INST, DT or IDMT [50/51]
  • Earth-fault (sensitive), 4 stages INST, DT or IDMT [50/51N(S)]
  • Harmonic overcurrent / inrush blocking, 4 stages INST, DT or IDMT [50H/51H/68H]
  • Current unbalance / broken conductor, 4 stages INST, DT or IDMT [46R/46L/46]
  • Breaker failure protection [50BF/52BF]
  • Arc protection (option) [50ARC]
  Disturbance and Event recording
  • Up to 100 recordings @ 64 samples/cycle (3.2 kHz)
  • Recording lenght configurable from 0.1 to 1800 seconds
  • Pre trigger configurable from 5 to 95%
  • Non-volatile event records: 15000
  MEasurement and Supervision
  • Phase and residual currents (IL1, IL2, IL3, I01, I02)
  • Current THD and harmonics (up to 31st)
  • Frequency (f)
  • Circuit breaker wear (CBW)
  • Disturbance recorder (3.2 kHz)
  • Current transformer supervision (CTS), 2 instances
  • Trip circuit supervision [74TC]
  • Controllable objects: 5
  • 8 setting groups
  Communication protocols standard
  • IEC 61850
  • IEC 60870-5-103/101/104
  • Modbus/RTU, Modbus TCP/IP
  • DNP 3.0, DNP 3.0 over TCP/IP
  • SPA
  Options (2 slots)
  • Digital inputs optional: +8 per card
  • Digital outputs optional: +5 per card (2 cards max.)
  • Arc protection (12 sensors +2xHSO +BI)
  • 2 x mA input + 6-8 x RTD input (2 cards max.)
  • Double LC Ethernet 100Mb
  • RS232 + serial fibre PP/PG/GP/GG (option)


  Device Doc. Type Language Ref. Ind.
NP T916 Leaflet EN A934 F
NP T916 User Manual EN A966 C
NP T916 Connection/Definition Diagram EN S42469 H
Optional Boards Connection/Definition Diagram EN S42506 D