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RG   600

Analog regulator system

The RG 600 series comprises a family of analogue functional modules which together meet the regulation needs arising from the exitation of synchronous machines, alternators or motors, regardless of their type or power rating.
The main module, associated with a trigger module, a rectifier module and a stepdown power transformer, makes up a complete regulator to which, according to the applications, additional regulation or limitation modules may be added.

Modules available:

  • MF-TH-R: voltage and power factor regulating main AVR module
  • MF 61-R: 3 phase measurement
  • MF 62-R: I rotor limitation
  • MF 63-R: I stator limitation
  • MF 64-R: Recopy/Redundancy
  • MF 67-R: Absorbed reactive power limitation
  • MF 68-R: Mini-maxi current excitation relay


  • Regulator [90]


  • Power supply: 24 Vdc
  • Measurements:
    – On VT's secondary 100, 110 V (50 or 60 Hz)
    – On CT's secondary 5A
    – rotor current measurement (module MF62-R): shunt 0÷300 mV or sensor 0÷15 from Hall effect transducer
  • Regulation accuracy: ±0,5 %


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