Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

PS 8000   Energy

Supervisory control and data acquisition

PS8000 is the latest version of the family of systems specialised in the supervision and command of electrical networks. It offers you a global solution with important advantages, particularly in the domain of liability, security of the processes and user-friendly functionalities.
More than a basic SCADA system, PS8000 is a complete set of Hardware and Software which complies with all electrical requirements.
Based on a user-friendly configuration, open towards other systems, multilingual and easy to use, PS8000 Energy is a real help in decision making, allowing to react as fast as possible to faults.


  • Performances :
    - Updating time of “high priority” variables : ≤ 1 sec
    - Updating time of “low priority” variables : ≤ 5 sec
    - Load shedding (optional) response time : ≤ 0,1 sec
  • Capacity :
    - Maximum number of I/O for each controller: 2304
    - Maximum number of serial lines for each data concentrator: 18
    - Total system capacity: 65.000 points


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