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Railway Protection for Transformer

The digital protection PGTN1 protects transformers for electric traction, in charge of feeding catenaries with 25 kV or 2 X 25 kV, 50 or 60 Hz voltages.
The PGTN1 also features functions that help network operation: assistance to the maintenance of the circuit breakers, disturbance recording. The PGTN1 provides a minimum of impedance protection, which role is to backup the PDZIN1 main protection.

As well as the usual functions of protection, PDZIN1 relay provides monitoring, measurement and recording of the electrical quantities of the network.
The relays can be set locally, using either the keypad or the RS232 port, or remotely using the RS485 port. The setting, reading, measuring and recording are all available locally or remotely.


  • 2 phase thresholds of overcurrent protection [50] [51], with two switchable modes
  • 2 thresholds of directional protection [67]
  • Under-voltage protection [27]
  • Transformer Earth-tank protection [50N]
  • Voltage reverse protection
  • 3 downstream and 2 upstream zones of minimum of impedance protection [21] (backup to PDZIN main protection)
  • Circuit breaker failure protection [50BF]


  • Configuration and parameter setting by local MMI or off-line / on-line PC
  • Measurement of electrical quantities:
    – Transformer current and voltage
    – Resistance, reactance, impedance and angle of the line
    – Vph2/Vph1, Itank
  • Independent and dependent time tripping according to inverse, very inverse and extremely inverse IEC 60255-4 curves
  • Minimum of impedance protection, type parallelogram, with 3 downstream zones and 2 upstream zones (as a PDZIN1 backup, protection of feeder and catenary)
  • Self-diagnosis: memories, output relays, A/D converters, auxiliary supply, cycles of execution of software, hardware failure
  • 2 tripping and 20 signalling outputs
  • 12 dedicated digital input
  • Event recording: 100 locally recorded events, retained in the event of loss of auxiliary supply
  • Disturbance recording according to Comtrade┬« format: storage of eight 52 periods recordings
  • Optional Communication by Modbus┬« RS 485


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