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EMS   8000

Energy Managment System

EMS 8000 is the energy management tool developed to support companies in their path toward efficiency, energy saving and continuous improvement.
Measuring is essential to dispel preconceptions and assumptions about the energy consumption of your business. Knowing exactly where, when and how much is wasted makes it possible to implement "common sense" corrective actions with which savings are obtained. This means the cost of implementing the system returns in no time!
With its effective analysis tools, EMS 8000 is a powerful support for the identification of opportunities to improve efficiency and to monitor the actions taken in this regard.


  • increase visibility on energy consumption data
  • optimize existing energy systems
  • identify areas for energy saving
  • implement a methodology for a systematic management of energy efficiency
  • timely react to alarms and consumption peaks
  • monitoring energy KPIs
  • perform accurate cost allocation
  • check bills and optimize supply contracts
  • support the ISO 50001 certification
  • The user can choose the kind of graphic that best represents the energy consuption data he needs to analyze.
  • It is possible to consult the load profile report to show the hourly distribution of consumption on different days of the week, thus quantifying the energy consumed with plant out of service or the possible seasonality of consumption.
  • Using the pivot table it is possibile to join, sort and filter consumption data according to different criteria and to different time periods.
  • It is possible to analyze the consumption out of standard, setting thresholds to alert the user in real time by means of email or sms and allow an immediate action.


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