Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

DPR 800

Power Swing Detection for AC networks

The emergence of new locomotive engines revealed disturbances of the electrical feeding to the railway network. These disturbances are noticed in traffic areas or locomotive engines parking involving their concentration. Recording in real highlight reveals an obvious place phenomena of pumping. Just as it appeared, it may disappear spontaneously.
DPR800, power swing detector, is dedicated to railway AC network. It analyzes the evolution of the substation current and voltage and detects any pulsation characteristic of a power swing.
As well as the usual protection functions, NP800 relays provide monitoring, measurement and recording of the electrical quantities of the network. The relays can be set locally, using either the keypad and display or the RS232 port, or remotely using the RS485 port. Setting, reading, measurement and recording are all available locally or remotely.


  • Power Swing Detection [S.D.]


  • Configuration and parameter setting by local MMI or SMARTsoft
  • Measurement of electrical quantities:
    – Display expressed in primary values
    – Instantaneous values of current phase
    – Frequency
  • Instantaneous alarm threshold
  • Self-diagnosis: Memories, output relays, A/D converters, auxiliary supply, cycles of execution of software, hardware failure
  • 3 output units / 4 dedicated digital inputs
  • Event recording: 60 locally recorded events, 50 saved in case of loss of auxiliary supply
  • Disturbance recording according to Comtrade┬« format: storage of 4 recordings of 26 seconds
  • 4 user programmable LEDs
  • Communication by Modbus┬«


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