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TTT 7000

Time delay relay STATIC RANGE

The TTT 7100 range is a family of time-delay relays each with different functions, but all having the common characteristics of great precision and high reliability.

The TTT 7100 series includes two basic devices:

  • the TTT 7111 which is time-delayed on operation: the output unit operates after a given time-delay, which is initiated when the auxiliary supply is switched on.
  • the TTT 7112 which is a time-delayed on drop-out: the output unit operates instantaneously when an external control contact closes, and returns to its initial state after a time-delay which is initiated by the opening of this external control contact.

There are other variants in the TTT 7100 series:

  • TTT 7114: providing a predeterminated signal duration on the output, irrespective of the lenght of the input pulse.
  • TTT 7118: variant of TTT 7111 with long time delay.
  • TTT 7121: two units of TTT 7111 in the same case.

They are supplied in a modular plug-in case type R1, which may be mounted either as a separate relay, projecting or flush mounting, or as an element in a standard 19" rack cradle.


  • Time-lag relay [2]


  • Auxiliary supply: 24, 48, 60, 110, 125, 220+R Vdc or 100, 100, 127, 220+R Vac
  • Time delay ranges:
    TTT 7111/7112/7121: 0,1÷1; 0,3÷3; 0,6÷6; 1÷10; 3÷30; 6÷60; 15÷150 sec
    TTT 7118: 1÷99sec; 2÷198sec; 1÷99min; 2÷198min


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TTT 7000 User Manual EN M.1722 C
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TTT 7111 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 8878 C
TTT 7112 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 8887 C
TTT 7118 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 9738 A
TTT 7121 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 8864 D