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TTGB   7031

Voltage Balance Relay STATIC RANGE

The TTGB 7031 relay is generally designed to indicate the failure of voltage transformers or their associated fuses.
In this application, a comparison is made between two voltages, each of these voltages being equal to the summation of the three voltages of a three-phase system. Any difference existing between the two voltages indicates the presence of a fault.
By this means, the TTGB 7031 is able to indicate which of the two groups has failed and thereby either inhibits the operation of any associated equipment sensitive to the loss of its voltage input or automatically initiates a transfer to the healthy group of voltage transformers.

The TTGB 7031 is supplied in a modular plug-in case type R3, which may be mounted either as a separate relay, projecting or flush mounting, or as an element in a standard 19" rack cradle.


  • Voltage Balance [60]


  • Rated voltage: 100, 110 or 120V phase to phase (50/60 Hz)
  • Voltage setting range: from 5 to 20% Vn
  • Operating time: 80msec at 10% Un setting
  • n.2 output units with 2 contacts
  • LED indicating presence of auxiliary voltage
  • Manually reset mechanical flag indicator on each output unit


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TTGB 7031 User Manual EN M.1781 A
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