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TMS   7000

Digital multi-function voltage relay with advanced functionalities

TMS 7000 series relays are designed to monitor the voltage of three phase networks either balanced or unbalanced.
Of a modular design, it fits perfectly into the PROCOM architecture or can be used separately in any traditional relay scheme.
The TMS 7000 is remarkable firstly because of its wide range of operating frequency (15 - 70 Hz) making it particularly suitable to supervise the voltage of networks whose frequency can vary widely (residual voltage during automatic transfer, overspeed of hydro generators), and secondly due to its insensitivity to 3rd harmonic voltages which allows it to use low earth fault settings (generator protection).

The TMS 7000 series is made up of:

  • the TMS 7003, used when only the phase to phase voltages are available and are used as the measurement quantities in the relay.
    The monitoring of the zero sequence voltage needs a dedicated winding, connected in open delta. This relay suits systems where the VT neutral is not distributed.
  • the TMS 7004, used when the phase voltages are available (neutral point distributed). The measurement quantity used in the relay can be selected by the user as either the phase or the phase to phase voltages.
    In the same manner, the monitoring method for the zero sequence voltage is user selectable, either by internal summation or by using a dedicated winding connected in open delta.


  • Under voltage [27]
  • Positive sequence voltage drops [27P]
  • Negative sequence over voltage [47]
  • Over voltage [59]
  • Neutral over voltage (insulation faults) [59N]


  • Proven digital technology (PROCOM Series)
  • Robust withdrawable case for flush or 19" CEE rack mounting
  • Programmable dependent or independent time curves
  • 3 high power output units
  • Serial Modbus communication
  • Interchangeability with CEE analogue technology relays


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