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Configuration Software for NP.800 range relays

SMARTsoft is a certified software for NP.800 and NP.800 R range relays.


Setting is allowed on-line or off-line: each relay is named and configured according to the application and the calculated values.
Two setting tables are available for most of the relays.


Commissioning and maintenance are made easier by the integrated functions: test of wiring (NP800), LEDs, I/O, real time measurements...


Analysis is performed using the built-in log feature of the digital relays and uploading in real time the parameters and measures from the device.


Digital relays are provided with a disturbance recording function. Electrical values are available, time is stamped and the records provide accurate and convenient help to understand faults on the network.
The files can even be used with a test set.

Time saving

All these features make the user feel confortable and fast at any stage of the operation.
SMARTsoft runs under different versions of Windows.


  Dispositivo Tipo Doc. Lingua Rif. Ind.
SMARTsoft User Manual EN A443 H
SMARTsoft User Manual FR F442 I