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RMS   700

Digital multicurve phase and earth overcurrent relay

Series RMS 700 overcurrent relays are a range of PROCOM digital protection devices, complementary to the 7000 series.
They come in R2 or R3 modular cases, maintaining the advantages of withdrawability and strenght of this type of relay, and fit perfectly into the PROCOM architecture.

The RMS 700 series is made up of:

  • RMS 711: single phase overcurrent (phase or earth fault)
  • RMS 761: three phase overcurrent
  • RMS 771: two phase and earth overcurrent
  • RMS 791: three pahse and eartch overcurrent


  • Instantaneous [50] and time-delayed [51] phase overcurrent
  • Instantaneous [50N] and time-delayed [51N] earth overcurrent


  • Proven digital technology (PROCOM Series)
  • Robust withdrawable case for flush or 19" CEE rack mounting
  • Programmable dependent or independent time curves
  • High power output units
  • Serial Modbus communication
  • Interchangeability with CEE analogue technology relays


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RMS 700 Leaflet EN / FR -- --
RMS 700 User Manual EN M.1824 A
RMS 700 User Manual IT MI.1824 B
RMS 711 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 31A1 J
RMS 761 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 31A2 J
RMS 771 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 31A3 I
RMS 791 Connection/Definition Diagram EN / FR 32A1 F