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Digital time-lag auxiliary relays

For CEE brand, the auxiliary relays RAT are the family of time-lag relays designed for signalling and control.

Time-lag multi-functions relays with digital technology RAT relays have in front plate selectors allowing selection of the setting range, the time delay, the operating mode and two electroluminescent diodes (LED). The LED "activation" is lighted when the output unit of the relay is energised. The LED "timing" flash when the time-delay is in progress.
RAT 2002 and RAT 3008 are fitted with a time-lag output unit. The relay RAT 3044 has an instantaneous unit and a time-lag unit.
This family is manufactured with draw-out relay and base mounting arrangement. All the relays are protected from the humidity and accidentals contacts by an opaque cover.
The relays can be used on alternative or continuous sources (without particular polarity).

These relays can be fitted with:

  • RAT 2002: 2 delayed change-over contacts
  • RAT 3008: 8 delayed change-over contacts
  • RAT 3044: 4 delayed change-over contacts + 4 instantaneous contacts


  • Time-lag relay [2]


  • Operating mode programmable by frontal switches
  • Rated voltage: 24, 48, 110, 125, 220 Vdc/Vac (50 / 60 Hz)
  • Time setting ranges: 30 msec. ÷ 99 h


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