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RAD   7000   -   RADE   7010

Trip relays with mechanical lockout

CEE's range of trip relays which do not have a self-reset action on the contacts includes two types of device, both of which have a high contact capacity and operating speed.

  • The RAD 7000 relays provides 4, 6, 8 or 10 independent hand reset contacts.
  • The RADE 7010 has 10 contacts which may be hand reset or electrically reset.

These devices are generally used as tripping auxiliaries, either when the number of contacts on the protective relay is not sufficient compared to the required number of functions, or their capacity is below that necessary for the power of the breaker trip coil in question, or when a lock-out function is required on the signals given.


  • Interlock relay [3]
  • Alarm relay [74]
  • Lockout relay [86]


  • Mechanically very robust
  • DC nominal operating voltage:
    RAD 7000: 24/48/60/110/125/220/250 Vcc
    RADE 7010: 24/48/110/125/220 Vcc
  • Closing capacity: 30 A (RAD); 60 A (RADE)
  • Breaking capacity on AC: 1250 VA (RAD); 2200 VA (RADE)
  • Nominal operating time: 10 msec (RAD); 12 msec (RADE)


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