Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

IMM   8000

Digital multifunction motor protection with advanced functionalities

Forming part of the PROCOM range of modular equipment, the IMM8000 range is designed to protect medium to high power MV motors.
In addition to the standard protection functions, the IMM8000 relays include monitoring, measurement and recording of the electrical quantities of the network. The IMM8002 also allows the connection of three temperature sensors (RTDs).
Parameter setting is possible locally either by the local HMI (keyboard and display) or via an RS232 connection. Setting is also possible remotely via RS485 or current loop Modbus® link.


  • Thermal Overload [49]
  • Starting inhibited by temperature [5-49] or abnormal voltage [5-27] [5-59]
  • Number of starts protection [5-66]
  • Pump un-priming [37P]/[37I]
  • Imbalance, loss-of-phase or phase reversal [46]
  • Too Long Starting [48]
  • Short-circuits between phases [50]
  • Earth-fault [51N]
  • Locked rotor [51LR]/[51STALL]
  • Under-voltage [27]/[27ST]
  • Re-acceleration [27RC]
  • Over-voltage [59]


  • 5 output contacts: self-monitoring, start authorisation, tripping and 2 indications
  • 6 digital inputs : motor starting sensor, external trip, re-acceleration, speed, emergency restarting, thermal overcurrent state
  • Temperature measurement (IMM 8002)
  • Two settings groups selectable locally or remotely
  • Measurements of the following electrical quantities:
    – average and instantaneous values of I1, I3 and Io
    – phase-phase voltage
    – thermal state
    – power factor, active and reactive power
    – active and reactive energy
  • Event logging with 10 ms resolution
  • Configuration and setting by local operator or local or remote PC
  • Easy Modbus® Communication


  Device Doc. Type Lang. Ref. Index
IMM 8000 Leaflet EN / FR -- --
IMM 8001
IMM 8002
User Manual EN MU307-1 B
IMM 8001
IMM 8002
User Manual IT MU307-1 C
IMM 8001 Connection/Definition Diagram -- 38A5 A
IMM 8002 Connection/Definition Diagram -- 38A6 A