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FTT   7111

Overfluxing relay

The FTT7111 has been designed for the protection of power transformers against the risk of overfluxing.
This can cause saturation of the magnetic circuit leading to an increase of the losses. The associated heating should not be maintained for prolonged periods in order to avoid premature ageing of the insulation, which could lead to internal faults to breakdown.
The FTT7111 relay is supplied in a plug modular case R2 which may be accomodated either as a separate projecting or flush mounted relay, or as one unit forming part of a standard 19" inches rack arrangement.

PROTECTION   Functions

  • Overfluxing relay (volts/hertz) [24]


  • Setting Range: from 100 to 130% Un/Fn
  • Trip Time: from 3 to 30 sec
  • n.1 Alarm unit
  • n.1 Output unit
  • n.1 LED checking operation which lights when auxiliary supply is applied and the measured quantity is below the operating level


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FTT 7111 User Manual EN M.1755 A
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