Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

EX600   &   EX700

Static excitation systems

The full static excitation systems EX 600-700 improve the response time of the generators to load variations & reduce the maintenance periods to a minimum. The static excitation systems EX 600-700 current ranges start from few Amps up to several hundred of Amps.

A static excitation system EX 600-700 is made of up to 6 main subsystems arranged according to the specific needs of the application:

  • the field – flashing circuit
  • the power transformer.
  • the thyristors rectifier.
  • the electronic AVR: RG 600 or RG 700.
  • the de- excitation circuit.
  • The excitation cabinet that houses most of the subsystems listed above .


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EX 600
EX 700
Leaflet EN 5063 A