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DMS   7000

Digital differential protection relay

DMS 7000 series relays are designed to provide differential protection to two winding transformers, rotating machines (motors or generators) as well as generator-transformer or motor transformer units connected to 50/60 Hz three phase electrical networks.

The DMS 7000 series is made up of two families:

  • DMS7001: designed for the protection of synchronous or asynchronous generators or motors
  • DMS7002: designed for the protection of two winding transformers and generator-transformer or motor-transformer units.

PROTECTION   Functions

  • Differential Protection [87]


  • 5 programmable output units
  • 2 digital inputs (T and V)
  • Configuration and parameter setting by local MMI or LAMSTEL software
  • Disturbance Recorder and Event Recording functionalities
  • Communication by Modbus®
  • Watchdog Unit


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