Solutions   for   Protecting   andManaging   the   Electrical   Network

CMS   7000

Digital three-phase instrumentation device

Devices in the CMS 7000 series perform the "measurements" functions of the PROCOM system.
Installed in the control room or directly on an electrical cubicle, their task is to measure and calculate approximately 90 electrical quantities relevant to the rational operation of a three-phase energy network.

Two models are available in the range:

  • CMS 7003: when two of the three phase-to-phase voltages are accessible
  • CMS 7004: the the three phase-to-neutral voltages are accessible.

General   Characteristics

  • Connection on 2 VTs and 3 CTs (CMS 7003)
  • Connection on 3 VTs and 3 CTs (CMS 7004)
  • More than 90 measured and calculated electrical quantities
  • 2 programmable outputs (4-20mA) for remote transmission of the following measures: Imean, Umean, P, Q, S or power factor
  • Modbus Port for connection to remote SCADA
  • Watchdog Unit


  Device Doc. Type Lang. Ref. Index
CMS 7003 / 7004 Leaflet EN -- --
CMS 7003 / 7004 User Manual EN M.1797/AXE 11/90
CMS 7003 / 7004 User Manual IT MI.1797/A 09/89
CMS 7003 Connection/Definition diagram -- 05A2 C
CMS 7004 Connection/Definition diagram -- 03A7 D