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BAI   7001

Amplification and Interface device

The BAI 7001 device acts as an amplifier (0-20mA current loop) and interface (0-20mA current loop / RS232) in the PROCOM system communication networks; as such it allows a communication link to be created between a central processing unit and the various system devices (protections, intrumentations and control).
A BCL / RS switch, fitted on the rear of the device, enables the BAI 7001 to switch its operating mode between amplifier or interface.

General   Characteristics

  • Interface Operating Mode: operates as an RS232/Current Loop (0-20mA) converter
  • Amplifier Operating Mode: operates as a Current Loop 0-20mA signal amplifier
  • Interface/Amplifier operating mode selection via rear fitted switch
  • DTE/DCE operating mode selection via front switch
  • Up to 8 PROCOM device for each BAI 7001
  • RX and TX lamps provide a visual display of the 0-20mA loop continuity for trasmission. These green lamps light up when the loop is connected and flash in response to the flow of data communications.


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